1990 Kronem Christmas Song


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The Kronem Song

Sung to the tune of ??

Written by ?? 1990

Now Kronem is what we are names
And the author is constantly blamed
While it's not "Fiber-Floor"
It's a point that's still sore
When "Kronon" or "Kro-Magnon" is claimed.

Our DNA manager Brian
To keep track of his glassware is trying
So if he sees a "zed"
She'll be turning up dead
And for manslaughter he will be frying.

There once was a young man named Hector
Who swore he would always respect her
But she didn't buy it
So he couldn't try it
Cause she had a pond-scum detector.

Now Sandy and Audrey still look
For a job as a short-order cook
And Sean's writing plays
Bout his MBA days
While we scientists got off the hook.

The Hospital formed RDC
To make millions (conservatively)
But the good times don't last
And the money went fast
And now it's got one employee.

We are a Canadian Co.
We're enabling and high tech you know
We may be in debt
But we'll make money yet -
And we all will be rolling in dough.

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